Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oulton park, round #7 Buff Supermono Championship

Round #7 of the Buff Supermono Championship arrived at Oulton Park in Cheshire, this picturesque circuit has to be one of the best in the UK. I have only done 12 laps of this circuit before, that was in 2008 but had engine problems in the race. I was really looking forward to getting out there for the Friday qualifying. I thought I was doing well but I was 30 seconds behind the pole sitter and 10 seconds off the next slowest rider. Saturday free practice see my times improve by a second but I was still off the pace, I spoke to few people and asked where I could make up time. I was told that there were 3 or 4 corners where you dont need to brake. So with all this advice swimmimg around in my head the first race started. I got a reasonable star but after a couple of corners I was dead last! On lap 3 the red flags were out due to Mark Lawes having a big off, also Dave Harnet. The restart would be a 5 lap dash, here was my chance to finish a race on the same lap as the winner, and this only just happened, as I crosssed the line the last lap flag was being waved but momentarily after I passed the cheqeured flag was waved for Ivan Porter. When I got the time sheets I was relieved to see that I was the 5th supermono home but better than that I had knocked 6 seconds off my qualifying time..I couldn't wait to get out there for the second race. My last race on Gordon was upon us and again I got a good start but was dead last after a few corners, I was just racing myself at this point and trying to remember the advice I had been given. On lap 5 A couple of bikes lapped me so I just kept out of the way and aimed to bring Gordon home in one piece. I finished the race 6th in the Supermonos but did not improve on my lap times. All in all it was a very good meeting and a fitting way to end my Supermono racing, I will miss riding the singles but as my new bike, Honda CB 500, runs at the same meetings I will still be able to see the Mono crowd.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

All ready for Oulton Park

Gordon had a trip to Eric at Ekquire Motorcycles in Bury St Edmunds yesterday, I wanted to find out what my newly accquired 686cc motor was pushing out. After 5 runs the final figure was 69.5bhp @7499rpm, not bad at all so I will be using the 686 at Oulton Park.
I have just purchased a Honda CB500 race bike which I intend to race in the Thundersport 500 series with Thundersports GB, this means that Gordon will be going back to his dad, Mike Edwards. I have spoken to Mike and explained that I was not the rider to get the best out of Gordon and I was just riding around at the back, there was no one for me to have a scrap with. Looking at the CB500's I should be able to stick with a few people and they also have a Seniors Cup for us "Oldies", so watch this space for photos and reports. Go to

Thursday, June 3, 2010

All fixed!

I picked up Gordon from Peter Day this afternoon, Peter has done a great job of the radiator, he has also moved it so its a little higher and forward from its original position and is away from the hot exhaust headers. All that needed to be done was fit the pump hose and fill with water, also put oil in the engine and fuel in the tank. Gordon came to life on the very first attempt and with the 686 engine in I could really feel the difference in the vibration from the 720. Will hopefully get it down to Eric at Ekquire Motorcycles in Bry St Edmunds next week and do a couple of power runs on the dyno.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Peter Day

I managed to drop Gordon off at Peter Day's this afternoon, Peter will be fitting the radiator and looking to see if he can modify/adapt it so there will be more water capacity, however on first glance the exhaust headers are protruding out too far for a rad to go in front of them, possibly able to come down each side but thats another project.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Almost there!!

Well everything is back in the frame and its now ready to take to Peter Day who will be fitting the radiator.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

2011 thoughts!

Although I have a passion for Supermono's and enjoy the company of fellow Mono riders I am well off the pace of everyone and often get lapped by all. I would still like to stay in the saddle and I think the Thundersports 500 class could be the way, the Honda CB 500 is the machine to have and there is very little you are permitted to do to the bike. Its cheap to run, tyres are controlled and a decent price and they have almost full grids every meeting. I will have a closer look at some of the bikes at Oulton Park, I will also ask a few if the riders there views and what problems, if any, they have with the bikes. Watch this space!!

The rebuild starts here!

I picked up my newly acquired engine from Steve Ruth yesterday after he stripped the top end just to see the condition, Steve estimates around 68-70 horses, which isnt bad from a 686. This engine should be realiable and when Gordon goes back to his dad I will have a decent motor to use or sell depending on what route I want to take.

As yoiu can see the engine is now in place, albeit all loosely at the moment, and hopefully should be fully in the next day or so. I will then take Gordon to Peter Day so he can adapt the ally radiator that was donated by Hugh Freeman, he will also see if he can extend the rad downwards increasing the volume of water to aid cooling, but this depends on the clearence of the exhaust headers.